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Give yourself, or a friend the gift of Transformation!

The Heroine's Journey

A New Astrology & SoulCollage® Self Study Course

By:  Judith Goldberg, MFA


Claim your Power, step into your Ruby Slippers, Venture forth into an Imaginal Realm where you are Discovering, Exploring and Sharing all your Gifts with the World...


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"When 'life-enhancing', 'life-changing' SoulCollage is infused with the profound wisdom of Karmic Astrology the process is taken to a whole other level. Judith facilitates this fascinating journey with great compassion and insight..."





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This Heroic Journey integrates Joseph Campbell's archetypal work, Dorothy's Adventures in OZ, the Ancient Wisdom of Astrology, Planetary Energies, and the Magic of SoulCollage®.


Saturn will be in the benefic sign of Sagittarius through the end of 2017.  Sagittarius is the sacred guardian of the Vision Quest--bringing inspiration and new opportunities.  Saturn provides structure, lessons, guidance and keeps you on the right path.


Informative lessons, complete with easy to follow basic astrology, journaling and card making will launch you on a 2 year journey and guide you throughout.


In this class you will discover your own Inner Heroine, Visionary, Wicked Witch, Flying Monkeys, and Wizard, as well as Spirit and Animal Guides, Allies and Companions.


You will have the opportunity to make cards for every SoulCollage® suit!  A sacred 'yellow brick' roadmap based on  your personal natal astrology chart comes with the manual.


Prepare now to Expand your Consciousness, Focus your Energy, Manifest your Intentions, Create Miracles and even have FUN doing it in company with a Virtual Group of Like Minded Souls!



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What You Will Receive:

  • A 90 page course manual containing 8 (weekly or bi-weekly) class modules along with instructions, introductory material, inspiring quotations, articles, exercises, journaling and card making prompts, and links. Proceed at your own pace.

  • A copy of your astrology chart with a personal roadmap and explanatory notes.

  • All the astrological information you will need presented in an easy to understand format.  NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS NEEDED!

  • A private FACEBOOK group for bonding and sharing with a community of like minded souls.

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